Threats to sell an Albino girl in South Africa

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Sphindile Angel Gumede (in the picture) has been threatened with being sold in South Africa.

Albino people in Southern Africa always face threats of being killed for muthi rituals. This put all the Albino people in danger. This Albino girl has been threatened with being sold for muthi. This is disgusting behavior and dastardly evil. The South African Police must act and arrest those threatening to sell this girl.

We Pray for her protection and safety. email:; Whatsapp +27 81 731 3316


‘I am human’ – After threats to sell her for muthi, local teenage girl fights back

Sphindile Angel Gumede (18) from eSikhaleni, is on the mission to dispel stereotypes regarding people with albinism.

‘YOU think you will kill and sell me? Shame I feel sorry for you,’

With a reported multi million rand hit on her head and threats to sell her to a witchdoctor for muthi, a local teenage girl with albinism is fighting back against her harassers.

After being a target of bullies on Facebook, Sphindile Angel Gumede (18) from eSikhaleni, is on a mission to dispel stereotypes targeting people with albinism.

Two weeks ago, this Grade 10 pupil at Mdlamfe Secondary School had her photo splashed all over social media, with some users discussing a price to sell her to a witchdoctor in Tanzania.

‘I was shocked to see people discussing their evil plans on an open platform,’ she said.

On the post, Bushang Makwale openly requested Sphindile’s location, saying he wanted to sell her for $2.5-million to the doctor.

Things escalated when another user, Caleb Nyathi also commented: ‘Apparently the witchdoctor from Tanzania uses them for muthi’.

Sphindile’s photo was then shared several times and several other threats were made on her life.

After the whole ordeal, Sphindile opened a case at eSikhawini police station against Facebook users.

‘I want them to be caught and be accountable for making open threats against my life. I am human and don’t know why people would want to sell my body for their evil ways,’ she said.

Apart from being bullied in cyber space, Sphindile said she is constantly being tormented and ridiculed by others in her community.

She now was to starts a campaign which will teach communities about albinism.

‘I will not be intimidated and I am not afraid, and will continue to fight for people like myself. I won’t rest until these people are caught and we are all safe from them,’ she said.

Her mother, Smangele Mbatha (41) said she is now afraid for her daughter to leave the house.

‘I always think people will abduct and kill her. I love my children and don’t believe all these myth about people with albinism, that why I am supporting my daughter’s fight and her campaign to educate people,’ she said.



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