Open letter to U.S. Department of State Secretary John F. Kerry from Human Trafficking Task Force

Attention: Secretary John F. Kerry

U.S. Department of State
600 19th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006

Dear Secretary John F. Kerry
We hereby appeal to the USA government to put pressure on Kuwaiti government so as to stop human trafficking of Zimbabwean women for labor exploitation and forced commercial sex. More than 200 Zimbabwean women have been recruited and sent to Kuwait by corrupt and deceptive employment agencies in Harare who have a secret relationship with their counterparts in Kuwait and as well as Kuwaiti government officials. One victim related to the Herald Newspaper on how she was victimized in Kuwaiti, “We were not given enough food we were harassed and beaten at all times.”

Kuwait has a culture of abuse and violence against women. There is no doubt that the Kuwaiti government officials and some of their citizens are directly benefiting from forced labor and commercial sex exploitation of these victims from Zimbabwe. We think this issue touts the United States interests in combating human trafficking. Since the United States has passed Visa Transparency Anti-Trafficking Act and various legislation to combat this modern day slavery we appeal to you for intervention. Moreover the United States has strong trade relations with Kuwait.

On 30 April 2016, 32 victims have returned from Kuwait and the remaining are still being used for commercial sex and domestic slavery by Kuwaitis. We therefore urgently appeal to the United States to put pressure on Kuwaiti officials to set free hundreds of women from Zimbabwe who are still trapped there.  In Zimbabwe seven suspects including Kuwaiti official have been arrested. We are surprised that no single perpetrator has been arrested in Kuwait. Therefore Kuwaiti government is conniving to human trafficking.

As per visa requirement Kuwaiti government has all the information about the suspects including the where about of the women in question. We want them back and we want perpetrators punished.

We hope to be considered worthy of your care and service.

Tel +27 61 411 5299

2 thoughts on “Open letter to U.S. Department of State Secretary John F. Kerry from Human Trafficking Task Force

  1. Maybe you guys will give the same deference to the displaced, tortured and murdered Boers in South Africa or the White Farmers in Zimbabwe that were murdered or forced off their land. Probably not….

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