About us



Human Trafficking Task Force (HTTF) is a registered non-profit organization based in Johannesburg South Africa. HTTF promotes awareness about the scourge of human trafficking, rescue those enslaved and assist them with emotional,spiritual and material needs.

We are recruiting members: Organizations and individuals from different walks of life to combat human trafficking. We are a new force for change in South Africa.


To liberate those in modern day slavery of human trafficking and abject poverty.

Our Mission

 To prevent human trafficking through educating the society.

 To liberate victims that is children, women and men in forced labor or sexual exploitation.

 To fight poverty by creating opportunities for young women and men who are most likely to become victims of human trafficking.

 To help poor families in townships, rural and urban areas launch self help projects such as horticulture, poultry, sewing, recycling and many others.

 To reach politicians, churches and various community groups encouraging them to take drastic action against human trafficking.