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Human Trafficking Task Force (HTTF) is a recipient of a Google Grants award.

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Partners in South Africa

Department of Social Development

Mzansi Progressive Movement

HTTF combats the evils of human trafficking in South Africa. We do not fight this war alone. We need Partners who are individuals, organizations and companies.

Some of our partners receive HTTF action alerts and support through online and printed educational resources. For companies we display their product name and website links on our banners but after discussion with them.

If you are not an HTTF Associate already, we invite you to join us.

Costs:                              Rand                         USdollar

Companies                       R500                           $35

Organizations                  R250                           $20

Individuals                       R50                              $4

You can still be our Partner even if you are currently not able to pay but let us know why? Become part of the fastest-growing, strongest anti-human trafficking network of no exceptions and no compromise. Download link> Membership form