Charity Shop

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If you have some used or faulty Laptops or smartphones you don’t want to give away we can pay something for them. Please sell them to us. If you still want to give for free we will appreciate your kindness. Call/SMS 07111 75405  OR EMAIL:

We want to start a Charity shop for Human Trafficking Task Force (HTTF) in Johannesburg Central. The money raised will help us to implement Human Trafficking Education and other programs we have.

We want eradication of human trafficking, child pornography, and child sexual abuse.

Please donate any second hand goods you have.


Unwanted phones, tablets, laptops, computers etc…


We collect any e-waste.


Second hand clothes or any unwanted things.


We will take any vehicle or old vehicles. Please kindly support us with anything you have.

Tel +27 81 731 3316