REPORT Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is an act of acquiring persons through deception, coercion and force for the purpose of labor exploitation and forced commercial prostitution.

Stripping people of organs such as always happening to Albinos and selling them is also human trafficking. In prostitution the woman has no control of her money, someone (pimp) takes the money. Under 18 children in prostitution are victims of human trafficking.  Young children are being used for prostitution. If you witness any of the above please contact us immediately. Get as much details (address, names, phone numbers) of people involved without alerting people involved.

Why you should contact us? Fighting Human Trafficking is our daily business. For cases of human trafficking we immediately contact authorities or police directly dealing with such cases.

Please Report Signs of Human Trafficking: Mobile (Call/SMS/Whatsapp) +27 81 731 3316


South African Government Human Trafficking Toll free number 0800 555 999